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In my therapy approach I adress the integrity of a person considering the connection between the psyche, body and the spiritual ascpets of a human`s life journey. 

Anna Herbecka M.A 

  • Psychology at Warsaw University

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy at Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in London, UK

  • PSYCH-K® course 

  • Simonton training for cancer patients

  • REBT (DBT) 

Membershipts and Afilliate Assosiations: 

  • Royal Society of Medicine, London

  • James Braid Society

  • British Psychology Society 

  • General Hypnotherapy Register 

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Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Anna Herbecka graudated : 

Training and Experience

I  mastered my clinical skills in many places in Poland (Cancer Center Institute in Warsaw,  Orłowski Public Research Hospital) and UK (Princess Alice Hospice and Kingston Hospital) and my private counselling practice. I have gained my experience both in the hospital environment and in Financial Services in the City of London where I was working in a corporate environment of Hedge Funds and Asset Management firms.

Over the last twenty years I have been continuously developing my therapeutic skills taking part in world conferences and trainings both as a participant and a speaker. Among many others associations I am a fellow member of  a Royal Society of Medicine in UK, British Psychology Society and James Braid Society in London.

I feel very privileged to have met and learnt from the world leading academics and scientists that combine cutting edge approaches to mental health combining psychology, quantum physics and the recent research about the brain, body and consciousness. Among them were Nassim Haramein, Joe Dispenza, Greg Bradden and Bruce Lipton. I am inspired by the works of Gabor Mate, Russel Brandt, Dawid Hawkins, Byron Kate, Teal Swan, Milton Erickson and Ewin Ebner.

I am also a vice president of a SupeRoleModels Foundation which aims to remodel the stereotypes in our societies regarding mental health, addictions and includes more holistic hence more efficient approach to recovery and healing. The Foundation provides a variety of therapies and workshops with the best professionals available worldwide.

My Therapy Approach

My aim is to help my clients make meaning from their experiences and use them as a positive force towards desired change and more fulfilled free life.

My approach is highly interdisciplinary and includes elements of psychodynamic theory, Coaching,  Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP, Time Therapy and Ego State Therapy.

When dealing with psychosomatic illnesses and symptoms I always look for the mental aspect of a disease through rapid hypnoanalysis,  ideomotor signalling and regression. Most of our suffering is related to some kind of trauma which when experienced and felt  in a constructive, authentic way gets reframed and looses its negative impact on our body and psyche.


My work is subject to clinical supervision both in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

On a Personal Note

I lived and studied in Philadelphia - USA, London - UK and Warsaw - Poland. This  gave me an understanding of different cultures, belief systems and how different yet similar we all are. What can be normal to one person is  strange to the other yet we all need acceptance, love, compassion, understanding and feeling connected to others.

I love quality time with friends and family, swimming in the lakes, skiing in the mountains covered with snow, sauna all year round,  magical gong baths.

And obviously the Spiritual search of self while going within... and thinking!

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